The Biological Sciences Facility (BSF) is a multifaceted animal facility, housing animals from several departments within the Faculty of Arts & Science in support of academic and research missions. The facility provides optimum housing for a wide range of species including invertebrates, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. The facility also oversees and coordinates animal housing and surgery.

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Please Note: Researchers are encouraged to review the Research and Innovation COVID-19 webpage for information on how COVID-19 may affect your research.

If you have broader questions relating to COVID-19 and the University’s planning, we encourage you to visit the University’s COVID-19 website.




The BSF is committed to the humane use of animals in research and teaching. The University relies upon its members and experts in the fields of laboratory animal science in developing its policy positions and public statements. We foster an environment of care, respect, and support for animals, researchers and staff. We support the research and teaching mission of the University, while providing for the safe and ethical treatment of research animals. We ensure compliance with all standards mandated by federal and provincial accrediting bodies and the Institutional and Local Animal Care Committees.

While the various regulatory, funding and accrediting agencies have established regulations and guidelines to ensure the welfare of animals used in research and teaching, the oversight of the Institutional and Local Animal Care Committees in conjunction with the Veterinary Care Program are key components to the everyday assurance. The scientific community has a professional and moral obligation to protect and improve the welfare of laboratory animals.

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