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Survey Monkey Results

Great feedback from those who completed the survey. Our goal is to make improvements to the newsletter to attract the attention of our users and ensure the content is relevant, and of interest to our audience.  A few changes we plan to implement include information about UTSC and UTM facilities and, dedicate 1-2 editions a year to rodent users only and to aquatic users only.


  • Primary containment device located in rat rooms in the RW.
  • Allows the possibility to work in two different configurations: class II biosafety cabinet (BS) and changing station (CS). 
  • The only cabinet/station designed for rat double-decker (DD) cages.
  • Features:
    1. Touch screen control panel
    2. The easy window opening by dedicated panel icon or foot switch and extra-wide working area for improved ergonomics.
    3. LED light bar with dimmer control; standard red LED lights for night mode in change station configuration. 

Calypso Aquatic Cabinet Washer  
  • Perfect removal of algae and biofilm without manual scrubbing or tank pre-treatment
  • Multiple rinses including final rinse with RO water guarantee precise cleaning
  • Fits in tight spaces due to the reduced operation footprint
  • Simplified utilities: No need for exhaust or compressed air