The Animal Ethics and Compliance Unit (AECU) has launched a SOPs, Guidelines and Forms SharePoint site pertaining to animal use at the University.

Ethics in Animal Research & Teaching: Repository of SOPs, Guidelines, and Forms – Home ( 

This website format allows for improved search ability of documents compared to the old site.  Key features that improve search ability include:  

  • SharePoint ‘clickable’ category icons to narrow search (e.g., SOP, Form, Animal Type)  
  • Search bar (top of page) for keywords (including within documents)  
  • It is recommended that you bookmark this site.   
  • Users must sign in using their valid UTORID to access this site.   
  • There is a page in the site entitled “**How to use this site” (found at the bottom of the homepage) that explains how to use different searching and sorting functions to easily find documents.   
  • Users only have access to the “Approved Documents” pages and not the “Source” (working/draft) pages as those are restricted for the facilities/vets/AECU to access only.