Starting Research

New User Registration  

You will be required to complete the following prior to facility access:  

  1. You will need to be added as an animal user to the Animal Use Protocol (AUP) by your principal investigator/supervisor. Please ensure that you have received a copy for review.  
  2. Obtain a fob from your department.   
  3. Complete the EHS Respiratory Protection training and N95 respirator fit-testing. Visit: Respiratory Protection Training and Fit-Testing   
  4. Visit the BSF website, complete and submit the following forms:  
    1. New User Registration/Orientation Request @  Register Now 
    2. Facility Access Request @ Facility Access Form 
  5. You will be required to complete the following training modules:  
    1.  Ethics module (must be completed prior to orientation)   
    2. Species-specific module (i.e. mouse, rat)    
    3. Anesthesia/Surgery module – if you will perform any anesthesia or surgical procedures.    
    4. Containment Level 2 (CL2) module – if you will be working with biological hazards.  
    5. Chemical module – if you will be working with chemicals.  

    You may register/access at   

    *Fish users are required to complete the U of T Fish module. Contact ACC Coordinator for course material. 

  6. Read the relevant Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

    1. SOPs provide detailed, step-by-step descriptions/instructions of how to use equipment commonly found in animal facilities or how to perform common experimental techniques and husbandry procedures. 
    2. SOPs are managed by the Animal Ethics & Compliance Unit (AECU), developed with input from facility staff, veterinarians, and research staff, and are reviewed regularly. 
    3. Visit Ethics in Animal Research & Teaching: Repository of SOPs, Guidelines, and Forms – Home (  
  7. You will automatically be subscribed to the facility listserv & newsletter.  Important information and notices will be shared via the listserv. It is important to read the emails.
  8. You will receive emails containing important information from the ACC Coordinator. It is important to read all the emails.
  9. Ensure that you are familiar with and will adhere to U of T’s general COVID-19 prevention measures, self-screen practices, the mask/face covering Policy and Guideline, and any other protocols within your lab and the vivarium.
  10. Welcome, learn, have fun and remember, the BSF team is here for support.