SOP Refresher


Two SOPs that have been updated recently.  

8.1.0 Management of Animal Health Concerns 

Ethics in Animal Research & Teaching: Repository of SOPs, Guidelines, and Forms – 8.1.0 Management of Animal Health Concerns (June 2021).pdf – All by DocType ( 

  • Harmonizes processes across sites for reporting animal health concerns and providing/documenting treatments. 

9.6.0 Anesthesia in Mice & Rats  

Ethics in Animal Research & Teaching: Repository of SOPs, Guidelines, and Forms – 9.6.0 – Anesthesia in Mice & Rats (July 2021).pdf – All by DocType ( 

  • Clarifies and harmonizes anesthetic induction, monitoring and recovery practices for mice and rats 

Access to the full SOPs can be found here. 

  If you have any questions or concerns, please forward them to 

JULY 2021


SOPs provide detailed, step-by-step descriptions/instructions of how to use equipment commonly found in animal facilities or how to perform common experimental techniques and husbandry procedures. SOPs are managed by the Animal Ethics & Compliance Unit (AECU), developed with input from facility staff, veterinarians, and research staff, and are reviewed regularly.  
In an effort to comply with CCAC requirements – it is a regulatory requirement to harmonize and standardize our practices and procedures across the University whenever possible. All sites are working to consolidate and harmonize SOPs wherever possible.   
The goal is to have as many documents completed, harmonized, reviewed, and approved by the time the CCAC visits in March 2021.  
The AECU/ROCO continues the transition to have all SOPs at a single location on the new Sharepoint site to improve search functionality and to facilitate the new document review process. The Quality Assurance Analysts (QAAs) manage the SOP/Guideline database and are responsible for facilitating development, review, and approval of these documents, with input from the ACCs and relevant stakeholders.  

The AECU/ROCO will send updates on the listserv when SOPs have been approved and available on the Repository of SOPs, Guidelines, and Forms.