Meet Stephanie, our new Behavioural Neuroscience Technician/Specialist

What is your position?
The official name for my position is Behavioural Neuroscience Technician/Specialist. It is a new position within the BSF and will bring a new range of services to the researchers. I’m excited to work with the BSF team and researchers to fully develop this role.

How will this position support research and what will it bring to the facility? 
In this position, the BSF will bring a new range of services to the behavioural neuroscience team in the BSF/CBTC. I will facilitate orientation with new lab members and collaboration between labs. In addition, I will provide support for experiments, including microscopy, and assist the labs with maintaining lab spaces and documentation to comply with the latest standards (animal care, health and safety, biosafety, chemical, safety, etc.). Another new service that this position will bring is assistance with science communication such as manuscript, grant, and thesis editing.  I’ll also help facilitate the day-to-day operations of the CBTC. Basically, if you have any questions when working in the CBTC, I will be the go-to person.

What experience or training did you have prior to coming here?
How did I get here? It started with a love of biology which led me to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Biology with an emphasis on Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Algoma University. During this time, I became fascinated with how the brain works so I worked towards a BSc (Hons) in Psychology. I then pursued a Master’s followed by a PhD in Dr. Kaori Takehara-Nishiuchi’s lab in the basement of Ramsay Wright. During this time, I studied the neural basis of memory and also taught a few undergraduate courses. While working in the lab, I discovered that I thoroughly enjoy the managing and organizing aspects of research such as creating more efficiency in lab space, writing standard operating procedures to maintain consistency, and mentoring students. I was able to further develop these skills afterwards when I attained the role as the CBTC technical assistant and lab manager for Dr. John Peever. When the Behavioural Neuroscience Technician/Specialist position came up, I was excited as this seemed like the perfect opportunity to use my skills to facilitate the incredible research here at the CBTC and in the BSF.