Learn how Kelly can help you with your research

What is your position?
I assist labs with any animal-related work and training to maintain consistency and ensure compliance. I also act as a liaison between the BSF and the researchers.

How will this position support research and what will it bring to the facility? 
In the BSF I work with the Vivarium Director and staff to advocate for animal welfare and develop training modules that help lab members get the skills they need to work safely with animals.

I act as an extra lab technician as needed. My time can be booked to help with technical procedures, behaviour testing, colony management, etc. Especially when there are gaps between graduating students and new students, I can assist with learning and teaching lab procedures so no skills are lost.

What experience has brought you to this role?
I’ve always loved animals so I worked in animal clinics for several years while I was enrolled in the Veterinary Technology Program at University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus. Nearing graduation from my program, I joined University of Toronto’s Division of Comparative Medicine as a Laboratory Animal Technician for a few years. Initially I only planned on staying for a couple years but ended up enjoying the research field so much that I became a Veterinary Technologist. I later moved to the Biological Sciences Facility where I had more opportunities to take initiative and hone the skills I learned during my time at DCM. During my time in the BSF I developed strong working relationships with many labs and found a passion for mentoring students, surgeries, and behaviour testing which led me to pursue this position.