DVC Lunch and Learn

March 3, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Please join us and R.S.V.P to christine.mccaul@utoronto.ca by Thursday February 27th, if you can attend. If you cannot attend, please forward this invitation to your colleague’s.

Tecniplast is the BSF’s primary vendor in providing a variety of equipment ranging from housing systems to laminar flow cabinets, from aquatic solutions to washing equipment, from automations to decontamination services.

Tecniplast will present their revolutionary DVC – Digital Ventilated Cage (home cage monitoring systems), that enhance the threshold in animal welfare, users experience and management, projecting the vivarium into the next era.

This technology allows certain behavioural test be freely performed in the home rack of the animal avoiding the unwanted stress factors e.g. to time constraints, new environment or not proper animal-care training and maintenance.In this way, animals will participate to behavioural test removing any possible environmental stressor that may change their behaviour and its interpretation.

The DVC™ monitors animal activity inside the cage by means of a sensor plate. The system’s software both captures and generates statistical data over multiple cages in real time.
This is ideal for behavioral studies where conventional monitoring methods may confound data.

Their patented cages are now being offered with an activity capturing Running Wheel (as optional enrichment), which can track the revolutions per minute as required by the study. This activity can be logged and displayed on your DVC server.

For studies that may have to control light exposure (circadian studies), they are pleased to offer cages in RED PLASTIC with an innovative LEDDY device/lighting control system which can regulate light exposure at each individual cage!!!

Tecniplast will present new DVC® REM (DVC® Rack Environmental Monitoring system). It has been designed to automatically monitor 24/7 some important environmental parameters directly collected from the animal rooms (at DVC® Rack level). It intuitively correlates animal activity with environmental parameters for an easier research interpretation, to enhance reproducibility of results.
Detected environmental parameters are:

• TEMPERATURE: as a continuous measurement
• RELATIVE HUMIDITY: as a continuous measurement
• NOISE: as a continuous measurement
• LIGHT: light/dark phases detection
• VIBRATION: event triggered by minimum threshold detection\
• HUMAN PRESENCE: event triggered by human presence detection

Main benefits are:

• 24/7 room environmental parameters monitoring helps to keep under control the status of the rooms where DVC® Rack are installed and prevent any possible issue affecting husbandry and research.
• Collecting animal activity data from the DVC® system and complementing with correlated environmental conditions provide a unique and robust approach to step forward research reproducibility and better interpret possible unexpected animal activity related results

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