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Researcher at U of T Scarborough creates free online course to manage stress during COVID-19

Learn how Kelly can help you with your research

What is your position?I assist labs with any animal-related work and training to maintain consistency and ensure compliance. I also act as a liaison between the BSF and the researchers. How will this position support research and what will it bring to the facility? In the BSF I work with the Vivarium Director and staff to … Read More

Meet June, PhD Candidate

Meet June! June is a PhD Candidate in the Kim Lab. Her research explores how the brain reacts when confronted with unsafe situations or environments by studying the hypothalamus and hippocampus areas of the brain. Have you ever felt threatened or scared? Worried or nervous? These feelings are instinctive and are a direct result of … Read More

Disaster Planning and Preparedness

Geographically speaking, central Canada provides for a safe place to live, with little to no natural disasters, thankfully. However, there are some disasters that can happen regardless of where we live, including floods, fires, power outages, disease outbreak, and as we’ve recently experienced, global pandemics. 2020 has been quite the turbulent year thus far for … Read More

10 tips to becoming a well-oiled surgical machine

Author: Kelsie Crawford New to animal surgery? Years of experience? Regardless of your comfort and experience with surgery, you’ll want to read this. We’ve put together the top ten tips you’ll need to help you become a surgical machine. 1. Have a plan and know your space This is the most important tip of all. … Read More

New Behavioural Neuroscience Technician/Specialist

The BSF is pleased to announce an addition to the team – a Behavioural Neuroscience Technician/Specialist for the core facility, CBTC. This position will oversee daily operation of the core facility and provide hands-on technical experience and expertise to support researchers and their experimental needs. The Behavioural Neuroscience Technician/Specialist will provide training of core facility … Read More

Training room now available

The BSF training room is now available for use. To book a spot or view availability, please visit the Training Room webpage. 

BSF user recognized with Sloan Research Fellowship

Chelsea Rochman, an assistant professor at the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology is the newest recipient of the prestigious Sloan Research Fellowship.  Congratulations, Chelsea!

Uncovering the switch that turns muscles on and off

John Peever and his collaborators are hopeful their research could lead to treatments for muscular disorders, including cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s and hyperexplexia — a rare disorder where babies become paralyzed when they hear a loud noise. Read more here. 

Biosafety cabinets for sale

SC PLUS BIOLOGICAL SAFETY CABINETS 4FT.   UPDATED APRIL 30, 20201 BSC in NEW condition for $7000 CAD.12 BSCs in USED condition, price negotiable. LOCAL TRANSPORT (GTA) INCLUDED!! SC Plus offers the ultimate in enhanced protection during rodent procedures and cage change operations. Featuring HEPA-filtered, NSF-Listed, laminar downflow and exhaust with a 12″ sash opening, the SC … Read More