Biosafety cabinets for sale

1 BSC in NEW condition for $7000 CAD.
12 BSCs in USED condition, price negotiable.


SC Plus offers the ultimate in enhanced protection during rodent procedures and cage change operations. Featuring HEPA-filtered, NSF-Listed, laminar downflow and exhaust with a 12″ sash opening, the SC Plus Biological Safety Cabinet provides full separation between the interior work area and the external environment for full animal and personnel protection.

Everything You Need. Right Before Your Eyes!

The newly re-designed Color Display & Information Center on the SC Plus allows you to monitor all aspects of the BSC’s performance at a glance. And now, with a brand new feature called MyLogic™, the screen communicates with you in complete sentences, eliminating the guesswork and making it even easier to program the SC Plus to your exact need! 

NSF-Listed at 12 Inches!

The SC Plus complies with personal protection NSF49 and EN12469 (KI discus test). The reason why the SC Plus complies with both of these standards at a 12″ / 305 mm sash opening – instead of at a 10″ / 254 mm sash opening – is entirely due to the addition of a second ECM blower. This enhancement provides the additional airflow necessary to achieve an average inflow velocity of 105 fpm, providing users with a larger opening through which to perform critical cage change and animal handling operations.


• Dual HEPA filters (99.99% efficient at 0.3μ)

• Dual ECM blowers

• Reduced noise (63 dbA)

• Pre-filter (washable)

• Flush outlet door

• Pass-through port

• UV lamp for work surface decon with sash lock-out

• Color Display & Information Center

• Filter status

• Cabinet status

• UV lamp and status

• Air flow alerts and alarm messages

• Night mode for continuous fan operation at reduced speeds with closed sash

• Internal GFI duplex outlets and service fixture petcock

• Base stand options

• Electronic hydraulic lift and height adjustment(with base stand option)

• Electronic exhaust adjustment

• Type 304 stainless steel interior sides, back and work surface

• Angled clear, 1/4″ thick tempered safety glass sash

• Glare-free dual fluorescent lighting

• 10ft power cord

• Durable epoxy-coated steel exterior

• Large 5″ diameter, non-marking polyurethane casters with brakes (with base stand option)

• ISO Class 5 airflow