Animal Facility Access

  • Access to the Biological Sciences Facility at the University of Toronto requires authorization from facility management and the Local Animal Care Committee (LACC) before access will be granted
  • Prior to granting access to the animal facility, the following must be verified:
    • Be listed as personnel on an approved Animal Use Protocol (AUP)
    • Complete the Animal User Training offered through either:
      • Biological Sciences Facility (BSF)
      • Department of Comparative Medicine (DCM)
  • All individuals working with animals must take the ethics & regulations module plus the species-specific animal modules for the animal model that they will be working with
  • All individuals performing survival surgery must take the surgical techniques module before performing any surgery
  • To register for the course contact Christine McCaul at BSF, or Diana Hiesl at DCM


  • Complete the New User & Orientation Registration Form.
  • Complete the Animal Facility Access Request Form (below)
  • You will be required to submit the Animal Facility Access Request Form as well as copies of all training certificates to the Facility Director during orientation
  • Once steps 1 and 2 have been successfully completed, individuals requiring access to the animal facility will be issued an electronic key card and/or FOB
  • Please note that a deposit of $20 is required for all key cards and FOBs